3 Advantages of Enclosed Bearing Conveyor Rollers

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Rollers for conveyors are not all created equal. Some are designed without thought to the difficulty and expense of difficult maintenance and sanitary tasks. Installing enclosed bearing rollers not only reduces costs and time but are also more durable for everyday use. Below are the three biggest advantages to installing these types of rollers into your conveyor system.

Self-Lubricating Bearing System

Not having to stop operations to lubricate the conveyor rollers saves time in your day when you are trying to meet production commitments. Resin bearings do not need to be lubricated like metal varieties. You can also choose metal bearings that are self-lubricating within the roller unit. Your choice is roller surfaces allow you a great deal of flexibility in the jobs it can accomplish. Aluminum, steel, plastic, galvanized, and other materials are available for installation to make your job easier.

Quiet Roller System

Having the bearings enclosed automatically reduces the noise level when using conveyor rollers. It makes your production area a more comfortable environment for employees. The sound of noisy rollers on conveyor systems can become dangerously high and lead to hearing loss when dealing with constant exposure. Reduce this risk to your valued employees.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Enclosed bearing rollers are easy to install and take little effort to maintain. Cleaning is as easy as a standard water hose and your chosen sanitizing cleaner. The enclosed nature of the design gives you confidence that once the visible grime is gone, the roller system is clean and sanitized. Nothing is lurking within the roller to cause bacterial or germ transfer. Reduce your labor costs in maintaining your conveyor system.

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