3 Reasons Property Owners Are Building Storage Facilities in Des Moines, IA

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In the last few decades, the demand for self-storage facilities in Des Moines has skyrocketed. Customers continue to find new and creative uses for spaces of all sizes. With that in mind, many property owners are hiring businesses like Quality Construction Services Inc to renovate existing businesses or build entirely new facilities. Storage facilities are popular investments because there is a lot of market research available and the industry is growing. Many owners also build Storage Facilities in Des Moines IA so they can create businesses and let management specialists run them.

The Storage Business Is Growing Again

Investors often renovate or build Storage Facilities in Des Moines IA because the timing is now excellent. Many original facilities were built in the late 1970s or early 1980s and are out of business. During the recent recession, more folded, allowing investors to buy them at very low prices. By 2009 few, if any, new facilities were being constructed. At the same time, the U.S. population increased, creating a heavy demand for storage, especially in space-challenged urban areas.

Owners Can Build Energy Efficient Facilities

Property owners who want to build economical storage facilities that use green energy often reach out to contractors at sites like qcqc.com. When clients visit the site, they can use a “Click here” option to schedule a consultation with experts who can offer green building options. Constructing an energy-efficient storage facility can cost more upfront but saves the owner a small fortune over time. A green facility can increase income. Studies show that 35% of clients will pay more to use eco-friendly storage facilities. Property owners may also qualify for substantial tax credits.

Owners Do Not Have to Manage Facilities

Storage businesses offer an excellent return on investment, and owners do not have to manage them. There are specialists who charge approximately 4%-6% to manage day-to-day operations. Efficient management generates up to 30% more income for owners, so the investment is well worth it.

Many commercial property owners are now renovating or building storage facilities because the industry is growing. Owners can create energy-efficient buildings that are Earth-friendly and cut utility costs. Storage facilities are also popular investments because owners can hire professional managers to run their businesses and increase profits.Browse the website for more information.

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