3 Reasons to Use a Professional Turntables for Your Cake Decorating

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Cake decorating is a rewarding hobby and business. You want you cakes to have a clean, professional look, and using the right tools is key. Here are three reasons why you should use professional turntables for your decorating.

Stop Circling the Table

If you are working without a professional turntable, icing and decorating your cake means walking around the luscious dessert or bending your body in the most awkward positions. The turntable lets you stand in one spot and rotate the cake while you apply frosting and decorations.

Perfection from Top to Bottom

Have you ever tried to get a smooth edge along the base of a cake that is sitting on a table? It’s practically impossible between there is no space under the cake edge. A cake decorating turntable lets you apply frosting perfectly from the bottom of the cake to the top.

Save Time

Even if you thoroughly enjoy decorating cakes, the experience can be tedious if you spend too much time fixing flaws in the frosting. With a cake turntable, you slowly rotate the cake while holding a spatula of frosting against the cake. With some practice, you can apply a crumb coating in second. You can also rotate the cake as you add designs to the sides of the cake.

Find the Right Turntable for Your Cake Decorating

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