3 Things Every Beginner Needs to Know About Beef Cattle Farming

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Today, more people are interested in growing their own food and living off the land, whether that means starting a small garden or investing in acres of farmland. One of the best ways to live independently is to start cattle farming. Read on for the best tips for beginners interested in farming cattle.

Buy Cattle in the Fall

When buying cows for beef cattle farming, it’s best to do so in the fall. Experts agree that most calves and beef cattle raised on pasture go to market in the fall. These beef cows are typically the cheapest during the fall as the price will go up in the spring.

Start With Grade Cows

Most beginners can start with purebred beef or commercial cattle. However, it’s recommended to start with grade cows and eventually breed high-quality bulls.

The reason for this is that grade cows require less capital, meaning that you can find more animals available at these prices. Moreover, less training and experience are needed to buy and raise grade cows.

Have Patience

Oftentimes, new cow owners expect the process to come easily. However, farming cattle takes time to get used to.

Have patience and grow to learn more about your cattle and the process of farming them. The more acquainted you are with your cattle, the better they’ll respond to you. Use this advice for hauling and loading as well; the less you fight your beef cattle, the more they will get along with you.

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