3 Tips for Finding Pet-Friendly Apartments Near the University of Florida

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Finding pet-friendly apartments near University of Florida is no easy task. Students are often tentative about their search, not wanting to find out the hard way that they can’t bring their furry friend with them when they move in. This post offers tips for finding a new home that is both safe and welcoming for you and your four-legged companion.

Contact a Rental Agent or Property Manager to Find Out About Pet Policies

Don’t just go with the first open house you find. There are several elements to consider when picking a place to live, and knowing about pet policies should be one of them. Reach out directly to the property manager or rental agent in order to ask questions and get information on their pet policies.

Call the Apartment Complex to Ask if They Have Any Vacancies That Are Pet-Friendly

It doesn’t hurt to ask. While you may not be able to get a straight answer right off the bat, it’s worthwhile for students with furry friends to call and ask about pet policies – especially if there is one that sounds like a good fit.

Ask Friends, Family Members, Classmates, and Professors for Recommendations on Apartments Near Your College

If you’re new to the area, or if you have a particularly picky pet, it can be hard to find an apartment that will work for both your lifestyle and theirs. That’s why asking friends with pets is so helpful – they are more likely to know of places with flexible policies in order to accommodate their furry friends.

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