3D Laser Surveying is the Solution When Detail is Essential

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Older methods of land surveying involved a time-consuming process that wasn’t always accurate for areas that weren’t accessible. It also made it difficult to know exactly where pre-existing structures were when time had eroded them away. 3-D laser surveying gives a more detailed look at your property in a faster timeframe. Quick Accuracy for Historical Restorations and Rebuild The need for accuracy in measurements is high on the list of priorities for any historical preservation and rebuild project. Survey information is brought together using a laser scanner Brooklyn NY architects and historical preservation find it beneficial to get the job done right. Every detail can be accounted for, even when buildings are no longer standing. The 3-D laser technology gives detail that would otherwise go unnoticed using older, out-dated survey technology.

Check on the Advancement of Current Projects How much of your current project is getting done? Find out the progress of any current building or restoration project by using the 3-D survey technology available today. It’s able to detect even the smallest changes in the topography of the land and available structures. It’s an excellent and practical project management tool. You can be updated quickly, which can help you make decisions on where to focus energy and manpower.

Survey Tough-to-Access Areas of Your Property Some areas of the property are difficult to access due to the terrain, buildings damaged by storms or fire, or structures that are aged and unsafe to be near. 3-D laser scanner Brooklyn NY survey experts use to access these areas from a distance yield highly-accurate results. It takes the guesswork out of surveying. Call us at Rampa Land Surveying or stop by our website at Website URL and begin planning for your surveying needs. We offer fast results throughout the New York, NY area. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.

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