4 Awesome Tips to Help Improve Your Company’s Local Search Rankings

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Internet Marketing

If you want your company to increase its reach, you’ll want to learn what local SEO tips are working right now. Here are four local SEO tips for your business to follow in 2020.

Claim All Local Listings

Many companies allow customers to claim listings. If you’re wanting to succeed at local SEO, it’s a good idea to start claiming these listings right away. Plus, this helps your company start showing up in as many places as possible. Fortunately, an SEO service in Jacksonville, FL, can easily help your company achieve this goal.

Start Creating City Pages on Your Website

Most likely, your company targets itself to people in surrounding cities. With that in mind, your business can start gaining more online traffic by creating pages for these locations. After people search for terms related to their cities, your business should start showing up.

Reviews Remain Important for Local Listings

Before you purchase a product or service, you likely do some type of online research. One of the best ways to perform this type of research is by reading reviews. Therefore, it’s worth finding out ways to ask customers for honest reviews of your company.

Include Lots of Information in Your Google Business Page

It’s important to make sure that your Google Business page has lots of information for visitors. Make sure this page has lots of text, photos, and videos. To have an amazing Google Business listing, find an SEO service in Jacksonville, FL.

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