4 Factors Affecting the Completion of Auto Repair Services in Davenport IA

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Many people delay routine auto maintenance and necessary repairs because it’s hard to find time to squeeze it into a busy schedule. While most shops strive to meet estimates for Auto Repair Services in Davenport IA, some situations can make repairs take longer than projected. Below are some things for customers to consider when allotting time for auto repairs.

The Shop the Customer Chooses

One of the biggest factors in the repair time line is who does the work. Is the technician certified by ASE? Is the shop busy? Can the work be done right the first time? Customers should do their own research on local shops. If reviewers frequently mention slow repairs or bad service, customers should go elsewhere.

Severity of Damage

The more severe the problem, the longer it may take to repair. For instance, if a car has both mechanical and cosmetic damage, it may take days, while a loose muffler can be repaired in minutes. If the damage is serious and insurance won’t pay for a rental, ask the shop for help. Most shops offer loaner car services, shuttle rides, or rental discounts as a way of thanking customers for their business.

Vehicle Type

The type of vehicle is a crucial factor because it determines the availability of replacement parts. Most shops keep expendable parts in stock and order other parts from nearby suppliers. However, those who drive classic, exotic, or rare vehicles may find it harder to locate parts.

Insurance Claims

If an insurance company is financing the repairs, there may be substantial delays. Most insurers reimburse customers with a check, and those with financed vehicles may have to wait for lender approval before repairs can be done. Most shops will not work on a vehicle until everything is cleared, and customers should take care of it as soon as possible. Some shops have relationships with certain insurers, in which case the insurer pays the shop when repairs are complete.

As customers can see, there’s no definitive answer to how long Auto Repair Services in Davenport IA may take. At Bi-State Auto Service Center, the team can often complete repairs on the same day, but some jobs may take longer. In either case, the shop will provide an estimate and stand by it as much as possible.

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