4 Things to Consider When Planning an Ocean View Wedding in Monterey

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Beach weddings are one of the most stunning types of weddings out there. The earthy, bohemian vibes it brings to the atmosphere is perfect for romantic settings. With that being said, it is always best to go above and beyond when planning and outlining the wedding. Here are four important things to consider when planning ocean view weddings in Monterey:

1. Public or Private Beach?

A public beach means that other people in the area will have access to the area the wedding is taking place in. While most people assume others will be respectful and stay out of the way, there is no guarantee of that. For those interested in privacy, it is best to reserve a private area of the beach.

2. Any Permits Needed?

In some areas, people will need permits for a wedding if it is going to take place on the beach. When planning ocean view weddings in Monterey, check with the city to make sure. Do this ahead of time in case it takes time to acquire a permit.

3. Backup Plans for Weather

Warm weather is ideal for ocean view weddings in Monterey, but how hot is too hot? How windy is too windy? Think about these things and pay close attention to the weather before making the step to plan. Have backup things for shade and rain in case mother earth brings any surprises.

4. Choose Food Display Carefully

Choose a food display that is able to be opened and closed by guests. This can prevent sand from being carried over into the food by the wind.

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