4 Tips for Choosing a Company for Concrete Buggy Rental in Newnan GA

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Are you looking to rent a concrete buggy? If so, then you should follow these 4 tips. Imagine being on the job site and your new concrete buggy is broken or doesn’t work properly. It would be a nightmare! The last thing you want to do is waste time and money by renting the wrong equipment for the job. That’s why it’s always best to check out what type of equipment will suit your needs best before choosing a company for concrete buggy rental in Newnan GA.

Is the Rental Company Licensed and Insured for Your Protection?

The first thing you should do is make sure the company that’s renting out equipment to you is licensed and insured. This way, if anything happens while your unit is being used, then there will be some kind of coverage in place for you. You don’t want anyone holding you liable; this could result in a big lawsuit!

What Are the Hours of Operation, Do They Offer 24-Hour Service?

The hours of operation should be clearly posted on the company’s website. You also need to know if they offer 24-hour service or not. This will depend largely on your needs, but it can’t hurt to ask!

Do They Have a Variety of Sizes Available to Fit All Needs

Depending on the company, they might not have a variety of sizes available. It’s important to know if you’ll be able find something that fits your needs before making any commitments.

Do You Need to Provide Your Own Fuel or Will It Be Provided by the Rental Company

Is the fuel provided by the company, or do you need to provide your own? If they don’t have a service that includes it, make sure there is an area on site where you can fill up the buggy.

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