5 Ways to Pick a Corporate Moving Company

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Hiring pros to take care of the logistics is an easy way to ensure a hassle-free moving experience. But make sure you hire the right crew. Here’s how to determine which corporate moving companies are right for your project and needs.

Identify Your Needs

What services do you need? Some companies only provide moving assistance. If you need one that offers furniture installation help, you’ll need to look into that in advance. That way, you’ll have an easier time narrowing down your options.

Do Your Homework

Research moving firms that offers installation assistance. Seek out recommendations. Suggestions from family and friends can help, too, but don’t rely on them. Make sure you still check out the background of the firms. Consider the experience of the company as well as its reputation.

Check Your Budget

How much is your budget? How much is the estimated cost of the move? Can your budget easily handle the cost? This is a good time as any to check for hidden charges. The last thing you want is for surprise fees to pad your bill.

Look for Credentials

Pick a moving firm that’s licensed to do the work in your state or area. Firms that have the proper credentials don’t have any problem showing you that information. Be sure the firm is also insured and bonded. If an accident happens, that will make sure that the contractor can’t go after you and leave you liable for costs.

Talk to Them

Reach out to the firm. Schedule an appointment and prepare a list of questions. That will help you consider which firms are responsive to your communications? Which ones text or reply or call back within 24 to 48 hours? If the firm is often late, that doesn’t speak so well of the firm’s professionalism. Look elsewhere.

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