6 Questions Before You Hire an Office Furniture Delivery Company

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Moving to a new office location can be exciting. But there’s a ton of work that goes into making that possible. If you’re hiring commercial movers to move and transport your office furniture, here are questions to help you pick the right crew. That’s one way to ensure a stress-free moving experience.

How Much Will It Cost?

A trustworthy office furniture delivery company will always send a person to assess what will go on during the move. The person doing the assessment report will take note of all the furniture that needs to be transported, for instance. After that, then you’ll receive the estimate.

How Will the Move Happen?

If the firm says that they’ll assign a project managed to your project, then that’s good. It means you have a contact person to discuss things with. That’s also someone you can ask help from in case something comes up in transit.

Are They Your Own Installers?

A reliable firm might use subcontractors, but they can vouch for the expertise and experience of any they have on the team. That works. Some do have an in-house team to handle the move. Either way, what you want is a firm that can assure you they have seasoned and trustworthy people on board.

Do You Offer Storage Services?

In case you need to store some of the furniture, or your new location isn’t ready by the time you move out of your old office, no worries. You can always pick a firm that offers storage services. With a secure and safe facility where you can store your office furniture, you won’t need to worry. And when the new site is ready, all you need to do is let the firm know so they can deliver your furniture to the new address.

Are You Available on These Dates?

One of the first things you need to talk to the firm about is your timeline. Do you have a strict timeframe to work with? Then bring that up during the initial consultation. Many delivery service providers are booked weeks ahead of schedule. Letting the firm know about the tight deadlines you have will allow both parties to sort out details.

Will You Dismantle and Assemble the Units?

Some companies only offer moving services. But some offer help in dismantling and assembling your cubicles and office structures. Find out if that’s the case. You need to be clear about the services you can expect from the firm.

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