A Cold Lamination Machine for Educational Purposes

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There are a lot of needs within the educational community that don’t immediately jump to mind. One of those is being able to laminate posters and other important documents at a moment’s notice, which means having the right lamination machine.

A cold lamination machine would be a great option for a school, for instance. But what about the cold lamination machine price? After all, budgets are one of the most important considerations for any school these days, which can hinder the ability to get the right tools and materials.

Cold Versus Hot

There are two ways of laminating materials: cold and hot. The adhesive in the latter gets activated when the hot-roll function gets between 210 and 240 degrees. But that level of heat can damage the graphics, which facilitates the need for low-melt or cold lamination.

A cold lamination machine can reduce the risk of damage to the graphics, applying the adhesive at a much lower heat. That is because the adhesive is applied using pressure, not heat. This helps to protect the graphics from running, smearing, or becoming damaged in some other way.

Quality Manufacturer

When checking out prices, it is important to look at the quality of the vendor. Schools want to ensure that their materials and graphics are of a good quality so that students have little to no worries looking at them. The cold lamination process is making that a reality and working with a quality vendor means getting one at a quality price.

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