A Fresh Look with Eyelid Lifts in Sarasota, FL

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Plastic Surgery

Your eyes are an important part of how you express yourself. You also use them to make sure that people are getting proper attention during a conversation. Eye contact is incredibly important. The eyelids naturally start to drop when you get older. When these are lifted, you may look significantly younger. This is a small portion of your face that makes a big difference.

Plan Ahead

Surgical procedures should not be taken lightly. You may not be able work for a few days after the eyelid lifts. It is important that you plan to have enough time to heal properly. Even cosmetic procedures involve heavy medications and injury to skin. You are more likely to get the results you want when you take time off from work and rest at home. You may be able to go home from the hospital the same day you have your eyelid lifts in Sarasota, FL. Make sure that you have friends or family ready to come over and help with kids or household chores.

Your New Look

Eyelid lifts are meant to restore a youthful appearance. Be sure to keep your expectations realistic, however. The results may be different on each person, depending on age and severity of sagging. You can often look at pictures of people that have had the same surgery so that you can see the results. You may need to take special care of your eyes for a few weeks and visit the surgeon for a check-up. Your surgeon can make sure that everything is going well and advise you on pain relief and aftercare. Contact us to find out more about surgery recovery.

A subtle change can make a big difference in your appearance. A lift of the eyelids is a small change that is very noticeable, as people often look you right in the eye when speaking with you. Some people choose a lift instead of using heavy creams or makeup, as well. Be sure to schedule a consultation with a qualified surgeon to help you make an informed decision.

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