A General Dentistry Service in Penrose Colorado

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Dental Care

There’s nothing like getting relief from an experienced dentist working on a tooth that’s been a pain for a week, thinking that it’ll take care of itself. Good general dentistry in Penrose, CO, can do that for you and more. It’s someone in your community who knows you and knows what’s going on with your teeth. That’s a relief you’ll only know when you’ve experienced pain.

We at Jared Smith DMD offers the best that modern dentistry can offer, right in Penrose. With Dr. Jared Smith as our founder and lead resident dentist, our patients benefit from his experience and recognized expertise. He offers a wide range of dental services on bridges, dental implants and root canal treatments to teeth and crown restoration and 3D imaging.

His clinic offers detailed dental examinations with digital and 3D x-ray imaging while working on his patient’s dental hygiene, treatment with sealants and fluoride, fillings, periodontal treatments and work on root canals.

Dr. Jared Smith DMD promotes regular dental cleaning and preventive dentistry with his patients in order to help them avoid serious and costly problems later. The result of his service and encouragement towards regular dental maintenance enables patients to enjoy a beautiful long lasting smile.

The process starts from the time you first walk in and we take note of your overall health and general well being. Through a simple checkup, we’d be able to determine how to address your dental concern whether it’s from a toothache, tooth decay, misalignment or broken teeth.

If you’re in need for a general dentistry in Penrose, CO, give us a call at 719-275-0661.

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