A Greasy BBQ on a Dining Patio Can Turn Chicago Diners Away

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During the summer months, dining patios open all over Chicago, serving everything from sushi to Chicago-style barbecue and craft beer. The City of Chicago has even closed some streets to increase the city’s patio dining experience.

With outdoor dining becoming the norm in the Windy City, new cleaning and sanitizing protocols are also required. It’s important to let your diners know that you take their health and safety seriously; discreetly posting a cleaning schedule can help to reassure your customers that your dining patio has been sanitized.

However, greasy BBQ stains on your patio in Chicago are probably something your usual cleaning crew has a hard time removing. It might be necessary to have an oil clean-up service come out occasionally to do a deep cleaning of your dining patio.

Also, food dropped by diners can easily attract mice, rats, and insects to your establishment. This can be a tricky situation to resolve, since seeing rodent bait stations can make some diners very uneasy. It’s nearly always necessary for a restaurant to set out bait stations but take care that they are out of sight.

Summer in Chicago is the time to enjoy life outdoors, and that includes barbecue and craft beer, at events like the Windy City Smokeout. Perfectly smoked, fall-off-the-bone ribs are a favorite in the Windy City, as well as other barbecue specialties from other regions around the world.

Cabeno Environmental Field Services, LLC can deep clean and sanitize the BBQ stains on your patio in Chicago.

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