A Range of Treatments for a Variety of Patients at Chiropractic Services in Boise ID

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Chiropractic Services in Boise ID include a range of treatments, so each patient receives the appropriate care. Many people who have never been to a chiropractor are only familiar with the most commonly seen procedure, the adjustment that results in a noticeable neck or back cracking sound. Chiropractors treat most patients with this type of adjustment because it returns misaligned vertebrae to proper alignment. However, they substitute gentler techniques when advisable. They also add other therapies as needed.

The Source of Popping and Cracking Sounds

The popping or cracking noise during a spinal adjustment at a clinic such as The Wellness Center of Boise is due to gas escaping when the pressure is adjusted. Excess pressure on one or more vertebral bones due to misalignment can cause chronic pain. Releasing the pressure provides relief. Patients generally feel better within a day or two, although some need a regular schedule of appointments to maintain these positive results.

Mobilization to Boost Flexibility

Another type of chiropractic manipulation is known as mobilization. The chiropractic doctor stretches and moves the patient’s joints and muscles at a relatively slow pace. This is similar to some forms of physical therapy and can help boost flexibility in areas of the body where the patient notices stiffness. It is intended to enhance joint and muscle function and make the treated areas of the body more mobile, or more capable of freely moving.

A Variety of Patients and Their Treatment Goals

Chiropractic Services in Boise ID attract a variety of patients, not only those with different musculoskeletal disorders but with different mindsets as well. Some are seeking alternative therapy because they avoid conventional Western medical care as much as they can. Others want a complementary therapy they can include with their standard medical treatment.

Skeptics of alternative medicine have been converted after trying chiropractic treatment when nothing else worked. They wanted very much to avoid the need for surgery, so turned to chiropractic care on the chance they could gain some relief this way. They were gratified to find they could reduce their intake of pain medication and be more active again.

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