Affordable Life Insurance in Greenville South Carolina for Senior Citizens

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Senior citizens may see TV commercials advertising life insurance they can buy without any medical exam required. This may be tempting to seniors who realize they should have this insurance but still do not. Typically, though, it’s possible to get more Affordable Life Insurance in Greenville South Carolina through an independent agency if these men and women do get a thorough checkup from a doctor.

Self-Insured Men and Women

By the age of 60, many people are essentially self-insured for the money they need for practical matters after death. They have enough savings, own real estate, and they may have already completed their pre-planned funeral arrangements with payment. Their kids are grown up, and the parents don’t need to provide for them. Those adult children will inherit the money their parents have accumulated over a lifetime.

Seniors Who Need Life Insurance

In contrast, other men and women of this age do not have much in the way of assets. If they were to pass away unexpectedly, there would not be enough money for the immediate relatives to cover burial or cremation without spending their own savings. These individuals may start shopping for Affordable Life Insurance in Greenville South Carolina so they can have money for those expenses. This is a responsible action that takes a burden off of their relatives.

Term and Whole Life Policies

Term life insurance is the more affordable option because it does not function as a savings account. It is similar to other types of insurance that are paid with a monthly, quarterly or other scheduled premium. If the customer does not keep up with the payments, the insurance is terminated and the policy has no value any longer.

Independent Agents

An agent with an independent organization such as SureQuote LLC does not represent only one life insurance company so he or she can offer customers numerous options. The two will be able to sit down and figure out which policy is best for this particular person’s needs. The customer will want to determine how much money will be necessary as a death benefit and compare rates from different providers.

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