Basics of What You Can Expect While in Drug Rehab in Santa Ana

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After you decide to seek help for an addiction, you could benefit from staying in a rehab facility. While in rehab, there are things that you’ll often be required to do as well as some freedoms so that you don’t feel as though you’re locked down all the time.


When you arrive at a drug rehabilitation center, the first thing you’ll usually do is detox from the drugs or alcohol that you’ve been using. This overall process can take a few days or even a week depending on how long you’ve been addicted and how strong the drugs are that you’ve used.


Although a drug rehabilitation center wants to try to give you the privacy you deserve, one thing that you likely won’t see on your door is a lock. Keep in mind that there usually aren’t rules regarding leaving any time that you want. The reason behind no locks being on the doors in most instances is because facilities want you to feel as though you’re making the choice of getting help, which means that you can leave if you feel it’s not working.


There are usually several classes that are offered at a rehab center. You can meet with counselors about specific issues, which can be beneficial if you have experienced things in the past that could have an impact on why you’ve turned to drugs. There are usually educational classes that can help with creating a resume or learning a basic skill so that you can be successful when you exit rehab.

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