Building Alberta Oil Pipelines Requires ‘Extreme’ Levels Of Integrity, Excellence

by | May 16, 2019 | Oil and Gas

More than 760,000 kilometers of pipelines transporting fossil fuels traverse the expanses of Canada. That’s almost enough pipeline to extend to the moon and back. For the most part, each individual provincial government of Canada regulates the pipelines within their own borders.

Lines that cross the Canada-U.S. border are regulated by the federal government. Border-crossing pipes comprise about 10% of the Canadian oil pipeline infrastructure.

Alberta is one of the most hydrocarbon rich regions in the world. It provides 79.2% of all Canadian oil production. In 2017, provincial operators produced 2.7 million barrels per day from oil sands and 1.5 million barrels per day of conventional oil. Overall, Canada ranks third among world countries for volume of proven oil reserves. Venezuela is No. 1 and Saudi Arabia is No. 2.

Of course, transporting oil safely is big business in Alberta. Pipelines are built by private contractors. An internet search for, “Oilfield Service Company Calgary” reveals numerous providers and stiff competition among highly qualified firms.

Building pipelines for handling petroleum is a job of enormous responsibility. It requires meeting safety standards that are rigorous and regulated to an extreme degree. Every spill or even leaks can result in potentially millions of dollars in damage, lawsuits, bad press and more. Uncompromising standards include the quality of the material used to construct oil pipelines. That means high-grade steal.

Government standards require very rigid design specifications and testing standards that must be met by manufacturers. Operators in Alberta are obligated to implement integrity management programs that pinpoint and minimize pipeline risk factors. That includes corrosion mitigation and monitoring.

The province of Alberta has developed a stellar reputation worldwide for pipeline safety standards and regulation. It’s a given that the term “oilfield service company Calgary” will synonymous with “excellence” when considering safe transport of hydrocarbons across the beautiful landscape of Canada.

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