Completing Stump Grinding In Fayetteville GA Before Installing A Flower Garden

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If a tree stump is located in an area that is going to be turned into a flower garden, the following steps can be completed to remove it. Afterward, the property needs to be cleared before planting seeds. A brick or rock border will add beauty to the garden and will draw attention to the flowering plants once they emerge from the ground.


* power drill
* drill bit
* protective eyewear
* work gloves
* funnel
* decomposing granules
* tarp
* stump grinder
* shovel
* wheelbarrow
* measuring tape
* garden stakes
* tiller
* soil
* rake
* small shovel
* seeds
* water hose
* bricks
* rocks

Adding Granules And Removing A Stump

Decomposing granules will rot wood and make it easier to cut through a stump. Protective eye wear and work gloves should be worn while drilling holes into the top of a stump. Holes should be spaced several inches apart and be a few inches deep. A funnel can be used to pour granules into the holes. A tarp should be draped over a stump to prevent granules from falling out of each hole.

After a couple weeks have passed, the wood will be spongy. A stump grinder can be used to cut a stump into small pieces. Pieces need to be shoveled up and placed inside of a wheelbarrow so that they can be moved away from the section of the property that a flower garden is being added to.

Marking The Ground, Raking And Planting

A measuring tape and garden stakes can be used to mark the outline of the garden. A tiller can be moved over grass and weeds to loosen them. Grass and weeds need to be collected with a rake. If the surface of the ground is uneven, a large shovel should be used to add soil to the garden. After making small holes in the flower garden, seeds can be added to each one. Holes need to be filled with soil and water should be added to the flowerbed with a hose. Bricks or decorative rocks can be lined up and pressed into the ground to make a border for the garden.

If a large stump is located on an individual’s property, they can seek assistance with removing it by contacting 770-tree-guy or another business that offers stump grinding in Fayetteville GA. A business that provides stump grinding will assist with projects of any size in a residential or commercial setting.

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