Conservative Therapeutic Treatment Options for Soft Tissue Injuries

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If you sustain a soft tissue injury as a result of a car accident or fall, then you may need to seek therapeutic treatment in Jacksonville Beach, FL. While severe soft tissue injuries such as torn ligaments may need to be aggressively treated with surgical intervention, minor injuries can be managed conservatively with the following treatment options.

Compression Therapy

Soft tissue injuries often cause considerable pain and swelling. Because of this, therapeutic treatment in Jacksonville Beach, FL, may include compression therapy because it helps promote optimal circulation. This helps reduce inflammation and it also helps speed up the healing process.

Compression therapy also helps ease soft tissue injury pain, and it may help improve mobility when injuries of the lower extremities make it difficult to walk. You can purchase compression stockings at your local pharmacy or from most medical supply retailers.


Anti-inflammatory medications are effective in relieving both the pain and swelling of soft tissue injuries. Ibuprofen and aspirin are classified as anti-inflammatory drugs, however, acetaminophen is not. While acetaminophen helps reduce the pain from soft tissue injuries, it does little to decrease inflammation.

If inflammation is not treated, it may slow the healing process. If you develop stomach upset as a result of taking ibuprofen or aspirin, your doctor may recommend a lower dosage or tell you to take your medication with food.

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