Creating Beautiful Salt Lake Outdoor Living Spaces with Fire Pits

by | Mar 13, 2020 | Fireworks

For people who are looking into ways to expand their living space, there is a new trend that has taken the construction market by storm. It allows for the expansion of living space into the outdoors, and they are known as outside living spaces.

Defining Outside Living Spaces

Outside living spaces were first established in the Mediterranean because of their climate. Building outside areas attached to a home that allowed for greater outdoor enjoyment was a natural creation. While Americans are accustomed to traditional patios, porches, and decks, these areas are not considered outside living spaces. Outside living space must be accented with full electricity, a covered porch area, and flooring. These areas allow for greater enjoyment of the outdoors during the spring and fall.

Building Beautiful Outside Living Spaces

Once the primary outside living area is built, other amenities are frequently added. Stunning fieldstone fireplaces, ceiling fans, built-in grills, and kitchenettes are common. Another beautiful feature that has gained in popularity are fire pits. They offer great warmth during the chilly afternoon and evenings of the Salt Lake area. Over the last ten years, fire pits Salt Lake City, UT, construction has become one of the most popular trends in outside living spaces.

If you are looking for beautiful top-quality fire pits Salt Lake City, UT, construction, Stone Mountain Castings & Design has been building some of the regions best fire pits and outside living spaces for years.

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