Delicious Sweet and Tangy Popularity of Barbecue Sauce North Carolina

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The popular North Carolina barbecue sauce is a deliciously sweet and tangy variety unlike any other. Many are familiar with the eastern North Carolina sauce, which is vinegar-based, but unique sauces have emerged from all across the state. These days, North Carolina can boast of having more than 100 barbecue restaurants that make their own version of this popular sauce.

North Carolina barbecue sauce is popular because it features a unique combination of sweet, tart, and spicy flavors. It has the sweetness your taste buds expect from a barbecue sauce, but then the tanginess kicks in to give it an extra punch. The sweetness comes primarily from sugar, while the tanginess comes from vinegar-based ingredients such as ketchup or mustard, lemon juice, and hot pepper sauce for some heat.

The North Carolina barbecue sauce recipe can vary greatly depending on what part of the state you find yourself in. Eastern North Carolina sauces are often thickened by adding flour or additional sugars during cooking. They can also incorporate pickle relish inside their final product. Western North Carolina sauces to be similar to eastern North Carolina sauces but are a little thicker. They also tend to feature more spicy heat.

In the Piedmont region of North Carolina, barbecue sauces incorporate a bit smoother consistency and a little less vinegar tang than sauces in other parts of the state. Piedmont barbecue restaurants use an Italian-style tomato puree as their base instead of ketchup or mustard, making for a smoother sauce that isn’t quite as tangy. The puree tastes great with pork barbecue made in this region, and it also helps to mellow out some of the stronger flavors inherent in all types of pork barbecue sauce.

Barbecue sauce North Carolina has become popular across America over time due to its uniqueness and distinctive flavor profile. It’s sweet but tangy and spicy, with a thicker consistency that lends itself well to basting on barbecue. So if you’re living in or visiting North Carolina and looking for the best way to enjoy our barbecue tradition, be sure to pick up a bottle of Cox Sauce BBQ Sauce online and give it a try!

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