Differences Between In-Office and At-Home Teeth Whitening in Fargo, ND

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Most people wish they had whiter teeth. What they may not realize is that having whiter teeth is an attainable goal. Although many people feel discouraged by the results they get from over-the-counter teeth whitening products, those provided by dentists are much more effective.

Dentists offer two forms of teeth whitening in Fargo ND. Read on to find out about the differences between professional at-home whitening kits and having teeth whitened in the dentist’s office.

Time Frame

Although the at-home teeth whitening kits sold by dentists work much better than the ineffective, over-the-counter products most consumers have tried, they take longer to provide maximum effects. It often takes several weeks before dental patients who purchase at-home kits get the results they’ve been looking for. Those who have their teeth whitened in the dentist’s office can expect almost immediate results.

Strength of Products

The products dentists use for in-office Teeth Whitening in Fargo ND are stronger than those prescribed for home use. This stronger concentration is why the gels used by dentists need to be applied by a professional. It’s also why they can work so much faster.

Recommended Uses

Just about every dental patient who still has natural teeth will be a likely candidate for at-home whitening. There are a few restrictions on who can undergo in-office teeth whitening procedures, though.

Those with substantial tooth decay or gum disease will have to address these issues before having their teeth whitened since those patients could wind up experiencing significant pain due to contact with the concentrated bleaching solution. Patients with good oral hygiene don’t have to worry about pain during either of these whitening procedures.

Overall Effectiveness

Both at-home whitening and in-office bleaching are effective options for surface stains, but deep stains may require additional procedures, such as the application of dental veneers. The best thing to do is avoid wasting money on ineffective over-the-counter products and make an appointment with a dentist who can discuss options.

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