Early Education Has a Profound Effect on a Child’s Developing Brain

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Early childhood education and care accomplish more than preparing children for primary school. You can be a positive force in children’s educational, cognitive, behavioral, and social development. Opportunities for preschool manager training are available. Become a moving force in the lives of young people.

Training Courses

According to CareerBuilder, 58% of new managers claim they never received any management training before assuming their position. That won’t happen to you. Just some of the topics covered in courses offered in the preschool manager training program include:

  • Behavior Management

  • Cognitive Development

  • Health & Safety

  • And more

Click on the link below to access specific information about all the engaging, affordable, and accessible courses.

Perks of Membership

Membership plans offer three graduated levels of involvement and benefits. For example, a Basic Membership Plan includes:

  • Access to all online training

  • 50% off training for your teachers

  • Free templates for job descriptions, job postings, policy manuals, and more

  • Access to the exclusive Facebook Community

  • And more

Click on the link below and review the Pro Membership Plan and the Expert Membership Plan. Membership is not required to buy courses individually.

Who Benefits?

Ultimately, the children benefit from well-trained, informed, and skilled teachers. But preschool managers and their teachers benefit, as well. They now have access to short but thorough courses to lead them on a quest to become the well-trained, informed, and skilled influencers who will transform the preschool industry.

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