Eating Healthy Italian Meals in Weston as Part of a Mediterranean Diet

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Shopping & Fashion

As people increasingly become more interested in healthy eating, they are likely to come across many expert recommendations for the Mediterranean diet. Not everyone realizes that Italian and Sicilian cuisines are considered part of this eating style, which encompasses the recipes of many other countries around the Mediterranean Sea. This is great news for men and women who love eating Italian Meals in Weston at a favorite restaurant.

A Healthy Eating Style

As men and women embark upon this adventure of a Mediterranean eating lifestyle, they’ll learn a great deal as to why this particular diet gets five stars from dietitians and healthcare practitioners. Its emphasis on vegetables and lean meat, especially heart-healthy fish, is a main factor.

Italian sausage is a mainstay of the cuisine, but Italy and Sicily having relatively little land for raising cows and pigs. Instead, the focus traditionally was on the gifts of the Mediterranean Sea and the foods that could be grown on the land. That includes olives and olive oil along with grapes for fruit and wine.


For the healthiest Italian Meals in Weston, restaurant customers will want to focus on dishes like seafood and lean meats, vegetarian options, and sauces that are not heavy and laden with cream and cheese. A big steaming dish of pasta and Alfredo sauce might be ordered as a treat on a special occasion. It could be a side dish with some salmon or shrimp or a big salad of leafy greens.

Soup is another option that could include creamy pasta as an additional option for a relatively hearty meal. Tuscan bean soup and Italian minestrone are examples of soups that are delightful while not loading on calories and fat.


Many intriguing pizzas can be ordered at a dining establishment such as Tarantella Ristorante & Pizzeria. The chefs go the extra mile when creating and cooking these popular foods, making them far more interesting than what typically is available at national chains. The pizzas come with a broad range of vegetables, some of which aren’t commonly associated with this meal in North America. Eggplant, arugula and artichokes are just a few examples. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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