Emergency Dental Care in Highland Park NJ will Reduce Pain and Restore Teeth

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Dental emergencies can be painful and can endanger the health of the patient. Therefore, dental offices make Emergency Dental Care in Highland Park, NJ, a top priority during the day. When person calls with a chipped tooth or painful abscess, the office manager fits them into the daily schedule. While a patient may not be experiencing pain and just feel self-conscious about a broken tooth, the dentist knows that it can quickly become the source of a serious bacterial infection. If the broken tooth has a small chip in it, the dentist will rebuild it using a small amount of resin. If the tooth has a substantial amount of damage, a porcelain crown may be needed to stabilize and protect it.

An abscess is usually a sign of a serious infection in the lower region of the tooth. Because that area has a large number of nerves, it is a very painful experience. In this case, the first step in Emergency Dental Care Highland Park NJ is to thoroughly numb the area to make the patient more comfortable. This also allows the dentist to carefully examine the patient. An x-ray will determine if the root is intact. If the infection has cracked the root, then the dentist will have to extract the tooth. Visit Livy Dental for all your emergency dental care needs.

If the tooth root is intact, then the dentist will have to perform a root canal. This process usually takes two office visits. The first cleans out the root and inserts a medicated filling. The dentist may prescribe antibiotics to ensure the infection doesn’t spread to the rest of the patient’s body. After 10 days, the dentist examines the patient to ensure that the infection is completely gone. Then he inserts a permanent filling. Normally there is so much damage to the upper portion of the tooth, that a dental crown needs to be placed over the top of the tooth. Once the crown is in place, the patient can eat and speak normally. If a front tooth was affected, the crown would look beautiful. No one will guess that it’s not a natural tooth.

Livy Dental is one of the dental offices that provide emergency dental care Highland Park NJ. They will provide compassionate and state-of-the-art emergency services.

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