Enjoy Fresh Ono Salad in Oceanside, CA

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Salads hold a unique place in the hearts of foodies around the world. Oftentimes, we see salads as an appetizer or a lead-in to a bigger meal. True salad lovers, however, know that few meals can prepare to the variety and freshness of a perfectly prepared salad.

What’s more, salad is one of the best heart-smart health food options out there. That’s especially pertinent here in California, where healthy eating is a way of life. We Californians know what it takes to make a great salad.

Whether you’re looking to inject a little more leafy liveliness into your diet or have always been a salad lover and want to try something new, you’re definitely going to want to try the best Ono salad in Oceanside, CA.

Salad Options

When you visit the best salad place in the Oceanside area, you’ll be able to enjoy the best Ono salad entrees in the area. For salad lovers, Ono salad is a lovely Hawaiian salad that has a unique taste. It is made up of several different elements, including cabbage, julienned carrots and onions, special beans, toasted black sesame, and so much more. When they’re combined, these components make one of the most unique entrees in Hawaiian cuisine as well as one of the most intriguing salad options out there.

Other Entrees

In addition to the best Ono salad options in the Oceanside area, you’ll also be able to choose from a wider range of different entrees.

At Pelly’s Fish Market & Café, you’ll be able to enjoy, among other offerings, the following choices:

  • Fish tacos
  • Burritos
  • Fresh fish caught every day
  • Fire-grilled entrees
  • Sushi

What’s more, their menu is always changing, so you’ll want to be sure to come back and see what’s new!

From salads to seafood and so much more, enjoy the best fresh food in Oceanside.

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