Essential Considerations When Choosing A Ontario Orthodontic Dental Lab

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Throughout Ontario, most dental offices and practices are small businesses. They may be a single dentist office, or there could be a small number of dentists in practice. Often the decisions on issues such as suppliers, vendors, and dental labs are made quickly and based on convenience and location rather than on a clear understanding of what these services can offer the practice.

Rather than simply relying on location and proximity or even past experiences, getting to know different dental labs in Ontario can enhance the ability to provide your patients with quality orthodontics and restorations.

Full-Service Labs

Ideally, when choosing a restoration and orthodontic dental lab, taking the time to ensure the lab offers all the services required is an important first step. By working with one lab for all required restorations and orthodontics, it is easier to coordinate orders, provides more effective communication and also decreases the time in paperwork, bill payment, order management and order turnaround time.

Use of Technology

For more remote dental practices, using an orthodontic dental lab with the ability to receive scans and images and create precision orthodontics and restorations is an advantage.

With the use of CAD/CAM milling machines and the ability to accept all common types of files from intra-oral scanning devices, even remote dental offices can easily submit orders and have them completed as quickly as those practices close to the lab.

The use of 3D printers, state-of-the-art milling machines and qualified, experienced technicians also speeds up the design and production process, allowing you to better serve your patients.

Quality and Reputation

It is always important to check the orthodontic dental lab with regards to their reputation and quality work. Checking with professional organizations, talking to other dentists and speaking directly with the lab are all simple ways to find the best lab in the province.

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