Everything You Need To Know Before Shopping For Flashings In Norwich

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Flashings are sheets of thin, waterproof materials installed in buildings to prevent water penetration and direct moisture flow in walls. They are essential at junctions like roof valleys and hips, joints between vertical walls and roofs, and roof projections or intersections like chimneys, window openings, vent pipes, and dormers.

Depending on where you want to install it, you can get exposed or embedded flashing. The exposed ones are usually made of sheet metal and installed on the outside. On the other hand, embedded or concealed flashing is mainly used at cavity wall bases, above openings, under copings, and angle or sill angles.

Types of Flashing

Different terms are used for flashing, depending on their shape and installation location.

• Roof flashing– Placed around projections, discontinuities, or intersections on the roof to direct water flow away from the joints and seams.

• Wall flashing– Installed mainly installed around interruptions in the walls like windows. They direct water in the wall back outside or prevent water entry into the wall.

• Sill pan– These are concealed flashing installed under door or window thresholds to keep water from seeping into the wall.

• Roof penetration flashing– These usually waterproof supports, pipes, roof protrusions, and cables.

• Channel flashing– These are u-shaped installed where tile roods meet walls.

• Through wall flashing– Spanning the wall thickness, they direct water into weep holes.

• Drip edge– These are metal projections along roof edges.

• Kickout flashing– Located at the bottom of wall or roof intersections, they direct water away from walls.

• Steeped flashing– These overlap in steps where junctions are on slopes, like around chimney stacks.

Flashing Materials

Metal materials include lead, aluminum, copper, soft zinc, lead-coated copper, galvanized steel, and polyvinylidene fluoride. Non-metal materials include asphalt, acrylic, and PVC.

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