First Timers Welcome!

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Whether you’re a local or just passing through, a stop at the fitness center in Warrington, PA is a perfect way to pass the time and get your brain and body on the path to health. If you’re a newbie to the gym, follow our suggestions to make that first visit one of many more to come:

  • Chat with a representative. Ask about plans, pricing, and community guidelines. Find a trainer and have him/her show you how to use equipment properly.
  • Take a tour. Most gyms offer more than just a weight room! Ask about a pool, sauna, yoga rooms, and sports courts – and remember to ask which programs and classes are offered!
  • Ask about freebies and bennies. Does your gym provide towels? Is there free parking? Can you leave your valuables in a locker? Are there discounts for family or friends?
  • Learn terminology. Reps? Sets? Don’t be shy when it comes to learning the lingo of the pros.

Contact “Company Name” with further questions, or stop in today to see how our scientifically-proven program can change your life. The time is now.

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