For a Misdemeanor, is Hiring One of the Drug Possession Attorneys in Manhattan KS Necessary?

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Law Services

Many people mistakenly believe that misdemeanors don’t require legal assistance because they don’t have the potential for a lengthy jail term. However, even though the potential penalties are less than with a felony, having a criminal record of any kind is still going to impact the accused’s future. Instead, they’ll want to speak with one of the Drug Possession Attorneys in Manhattan KS as soon as possible about their case to see how the attorney can help.

Speaking With an Attorney Quickly is Crucial

Those who are arrested often make mistakes that lead to a conviction, such as talking with the arresting officers. If they hadn’t spoken with the officers, it’s possible that the charges could have been dismissed or reduced. When someone hires an attorney quickly after their arrest, the attorney will handle all questioning by the police to make sure the accused doesn’t accidentally incriminate themselves.

The Attorney Will Discuss Possible Defenses

Once the attorney has been hired, they will carefully review everything that happened before, during and after the arrest as well as any evidence collected that could be used in a trial. The attorney will then let their client know what they think about the case, the possible defenses that could be used, and what the possible outcomes will be. This gives the accused a better understanding of their case and what they face going forward.

The Potential Outcome Can be Very Different With an Attorney Helping

Without an attorney, it is almost guaranteed the accused will be convicted and given the maximum allowed sentence. With an attorney, however, the outcome can be different. The attorney might find a way to have the charges dismissed or reduced so they don’t lead to jail time for the accused. When these things aren’t possible, the attorney will work to encourage the judge to offer the lowest possible sentence instead of the maximum.

The impact Drug Possession Attorneys in Manhattan KS have on cases can be huge. They can be the difference between a year in jail or walking out of the courtroom without a conviction, depending on the facts of the case. If you have been arrested and charged with drug possession, don’t hesitate to visit now and learn more about what an attorney can do to help you. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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