Getting Out of Jail with a Bondsman in Mansfield, TX

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Bail bonds services are seen virtually in just about every city around the United States, and those who need them are grateful they are there in needy times. Bail bonds services are primarily used to help defendants get out of jail when they don’t have the money to afford bail, but they also provide other services. A bail Bondsman in Mansfield TX helps clients in the area to get out of jail and also provides notary services when needed. Here is a look at the process that bail bonds agencies use to help defendants who have been arrested.

The Process of Bail Bonds Services

When an arrested person goes before a judge for arraignment, the judge will make a decision whether to release the defendant on recognizance or set a bail amount. If the bail amount is something the defendant cannot afford, there are bail bonds agencies that are around to help the defendant get out of jail or avoid jail. For this service, the bail bonds agencies charge a fee of 10 percent (or 15 percent if a felony charge).

More about the Bail Bonds Process

In addition to a fee for the bail bonds services, the defendant will have to present collateral to help cover the rest of the bail in case something goes wrong. Items used for collateral are of high value such as a house, a boat, a car, expensive jewelry, stocks, bonds, and electronics. As long as the defendant shows up to all the court proceedings, the collateral is safe and will be returned at the end of the court hearings. It will not matter whether the defendant was found guilty or innocent.

A Bail Bonds Agency for Help

When people are looking for a bail bonds agency for help getting out of jail, the agencies can usually be found near the jails. Ronnie D. Long Bail Bonds is an agency that provides various bail bonds services for clients, including notary services. If a defendant is in need of a bail Bondsman in Mansfield TX, the agency is available. Get more information about the Bail Bonding Services at the website.

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