Going Over Some Aspects Of Harassment Prevention Training in California

by | Jul 10, 2019 | Business

Harassment Prevention Training in California is something that all business owners should take seriously. Even if a business has just a few employees, the workers will need to be aware of what constitutes harassment at the workplace. A lawsuit might come about because a worker is harassed while doing their job.

Being Professional

When a worker starts to behave in an unprofessional manner, they might start harassing their coworkers without even realizing it. While it’s perfectly fine for employees to become friendly with each other, they must keep it professional at all times. It should be noted that harassment can extend beyond the office. A person might get harassed by a coworker while on a business trip or while out after work for drinks. Anyone who wants to learn more about Harassment Prevention Training in California should visit Civilitypartners.com.


Touching another worker might lead to a sexual harassment case. Even if the person doing the touching meant no harm, the employee who is touched might feel uncomfortable. When dealing with sexual harassment, it’s important to understand that it’s how a person feels that is important. Workers should refrain from touching each other.


Telling jokes at work might become a problem. If the joke is overheard by someone, that person might become offended. Employees have to understand that their conversations might be heard by other coworkers. A coworker might feel as if they are in a hostile work environment if inappropriate jokes are constantly being told. If the jokes are of a sexual nature, a worker might even feel like they are being harassed.

Workplace Dating

Dating coworkers has been known to lead to problems. If the relationship has a bad ending, the two people still have to work together. There could be some workplace hostilities. One of the parties might end up feeling harassed by the other. It’s just best if employees don’t date each other.

There is a lot to learn about workplace harassment. Every business owner needs to make sure their employees learn the ins and outs of workplace harassment so that there aren’t any problems with it on the job. You can also follow them on Twitter for latest news and update!

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