How a Bondsman in Norman, OK. Can Help Anyone Get Out of Jail in Record Time

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The help of a licensed, experienced bondsman in Norman, OK. can’t be understated. Seasoned bondsmen know how to secure and post bail quickly, and some offer additional client services beyond merely supplying the bail bond.

The Basics

To get the bail bond process rolling, a bondsman needs the defendant’s full legal name, place of detention, booking number, charge, and bail amount. The bail bond paperwork takes less than an hour to complete. Most defendants get their bail posted and get out of jail within a matter of hours.

Cash, personal checks, and credit cards are viable forms of payment to the bondsman. The bondsman’s premium is the bail bond’s nonrefundable cost, equal to about 10 to 15 percent of total bail.

Big or Small

No bail amount is too big or small. Finding out bail is easy enough, in some counties jail authorities post bail schedules for common misdemeanors. If the defendant’s bail amount isn’t posted, an arraignment or bail hearing takes place within 48 to 72 hours of booking.

During this time, the judge, defense, and prosecution argue a fair, appropriate bail amount, at which time the defendant can convey the bail amount to friends, family, or a bond agent standing by 24/7.

Ongoing Assistance

It’s common for bond agents to keep in touch with defendants or the defendant’s friends and family during the time leading up to trial proceedings. The agent’s bond holds him responsible for paying bail if the defendant skips proceedings, so agents offer ongoing assistance.

That assistance can include accompanying the defendant to court, reminding the defendant of upcoming court dates, and informing the defendant of any changes in the case.

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