How A Gig Harbor, WA Realtor Can Save You Money

by | Apr 17, 2019 | Business, Real Estate

There are some home sellers and home buyers in any location on Puget Sound that is managing the sale or the purchase of a home on their own. There are several reasons why both parties, the buyer and the seller, can save money on the transaction simply by using a Gig Harbor, WA, Realtor from Sievers Real Estate Team.

For the Buyer

The buyer can benefit from hiring a top Realtor in the area in several ways. For both local and out of town buyers, the professional real estate provider previews homes and streamlines the number of potential homes based on your requirements and specifications.

This saves endless hours of looking through homes that do not meet your criteria. Also, it also eliminates homes that are outside of your price range but provides you with the top properties that fall within your pre-approved mortgage or your purchase budget.

Also, the Realtor knows how to negotiation on your behalf. They know the comps in the neighborhood as well as how to maximize your bargaining abilities in making a deal that gives you the best price on the home.

For the Seller

A seller’s agent works with the homeowner even before the Gig Harbor, WA property is on the market. They can assist in staging the home, decluttering the home and even recommending low-cost repairs that add value and help a home to sell. The professional can also help the homeowner to avoid making repairs or changes to the home that will cost money but offer a limited return on the investment.

These professionals are also instrumental in helping the homeowner to choose the right price for the home. Pricing a home too high means less interest and a longer time to sell, typically involving several price decreases that make a property look like there is an issue.

Pricing a home too low means the buyer leaves money on the table. The seller’s agent can help with this, as well as negotiating with the buyer to get the best price possible for their client.

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