How a Walk-In Medical Clinic in Franklin Township NJ Can Save Your Business Money

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Occupational health is about protecting everyone from the hazards found in the workplace. It works to prevent accidents and illness from either unsafe working conditions or the employee’s behavior. Occupational medicine is involved in all aspects of health care that relate to the working environment.

Businesses are often required by law to participate in occupational healthcare programs. Some are required by the government, such as DOT physicals for truck drivers. Others are brought about by circumstance through accidents on the job which require medical care and eventually physical therapy.

Every employer could benefit from this type of health care service for their company. Drug and alcohol testing is known to prevent accidents on the job and can help to provide an opportunity for someone who needs help to finally be able to receive it. Statistics show that drug users are nearly four times as likely to cause accidents on the job as other employees.

Workplace accidents raise insurance rates, harm production, and result in loss of work time and even permanent injury or death for the employees involved. Preventing this is a struggle for every employer. One of the most effective methods is through drug testing to obtain employment with regular, random testing for all employees.

When random drug testing is included in a company-wide safety program, workplace accidents drop significantly. Central Jersey Urgent Care Of Somerset is an urgent care walk-in medical clinic in Franklin Township NJ. They are open seven days a week and no appointment is needed.

They provide occupational physicals and testing for all types of industries. Should an employee be injured on the job, they can tend to the injury, provide drug testing on the spot they can Walk-In Medical Clinic, and offer physical therapy after to help them get back to work quickly.

Occupational health and therapy are not the only services they provide. They can assist in any urgent care situation including broken bones, stitches, and respiratory issues. They offer full laboratory testing, general health care, and much more.

As a full-service walk-in medical clinic in Franklin Township NJ, they accept most forms of insurance. For businesses who are interested in learning more about how they can work with your company contact them to arrange for a meeting with one of their representatives.

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