How And Why You Should Create A Fabric Swatch Book

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Fabric Swatch books which come in different forms, such as stack books and binders, are a fantastic way to showcase products to the consumer market. It not only allows customers to have an accurate representation of a product before buying, but it also is a vital marketing strategy for gaining a sale. A Swatch Book allows customers not only to see but feel the fabric they are looking to purchase, which is a more effective way than just describing the material, which can be difficult, especially when trying to distinguish between an assortment of options. How to make fabric swatch books? Bredemeier offers durable swatch books with different customization to meet the needs of every business, such as color and sizing.

Displaying And Selling Fabric

Fabric Swatch Books can demonstrate in a condensed area the fabric’s features and offer alternatives regarding color, size, and texture. Helping to create an eye-catching example to showcase your products. Fabric swatch books help utilize the amount of display space needed, which is advantageous for smaller stores with limited space. On the other hand, larger stores would also benefit by allowing customers to see product options quickly, all in one place.


The quality of fabric swatch books will leave a lasting impact on clients and showcase the variety of options the company offers. A Fabric swatch book may need to change in style depending on elements like the use of heavier fabrics. For weighted fabrics, a binder will effectively keep your Fabric swatch book looking neat and professional. In terms of organizing your swatch books, this can be done in various ways, such as color, size, and category.

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