How Connected TV Advertising Companies Are Better Than Self-Serve

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Marketing professionals have always been in search of a way to engage their target audience more effectively. With ever-evolving technology, this quest has now taken a new shape. Connected TV, the term used for television sets connected to the internet, is now an integral part of people’s lives, and a fantastic marketing platform to reach millions of viewers worldwide. Today’s businesses have two main options for advertising on Connected TV, self-serve, and Connected TV advertising companies. Let’s compare these two options.

Connected TV advertising companies use high-tech targeting tools that enable them to narrow down the audience according to demographics, interests, behaviors, locations, and more. They have access to a wealth of user data for making intelligent decisions, which is something that self-serve doesn’t offer. The advantage of this is that your ad campaigns will have a higher chance of reaching the right people, who are more likely to convert.

Self-serve advertising gives you the option to choose where you want your ad to appear. However, the quality of ad placements depends on the user’s location, program, and device. In contrast, connected TV advertising companies have relationships with top media companies and can get your ads on premium channels and programs, resulting in better conversions.

Connected TV advertising companies provide businesses with detailed analytics and reports to help them understand the performance of their campaigns better. They use advanced tools to track the effectiveness of ad campaigns and provide businesses with level-headed insights that help in making decisions about future campaigns. This data is invaluable and makes a significant difference for businesses in assessing the efficacy of their advertising, which is not possible with self-serve advertising.

Connected TV advertising companies have dedicated teams of experts who know the channel. They can help businesses create customized advertising strategies that are tailored to the business’s needs. They can also assist businesses in creating effective ad campaigns with engaging commercials in order to attract viewer attention. Self-serve advertising doesn’t provide such personalized service, which can be highly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses looking to make a mark in the market.

Finally, choosing Connected TV advertising companies often proves to be more cost-effective than self-serve advertising. This is because Connected TV advertising companies can offer lower ad rates than self-serve advertising, as they have improved infrastructure and optimizations to reduce your cost.

In conclusion, Connected TV advertising companies offer many advantages over self-serve advertising, including advanced targeting, better placement, in-depth analytics, expert assistance, and cost-effectiveness. This has great importance for businesses seeking to connect with their customers through one of the most effective advertising platforms today. They can help businesses broaden their audience reach. With customers consuming more TV and video content, it is essential to choose the right advertising expertise to land on the winning side of a business strategy.

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