How Supportive Services Can Help With Dementia in Sun City, AZ

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It is devastating to hear that your elderly parent is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. You are worried about your parent losing their memory. It is also hard to determine what the future holds. However, you have options, such as in-home care for seniors in Sun City West, AZ. Read on to find out how supportive services can help with dementia.

Make Basic Accommodations

Seniors with dementia tend to wander and experience disorientation. If your elderly parent falls, then it can result in a hospital stay or a need for a long-term care facility. It helps to take safety measures to make the home safe for your loved one. For example, you can install grab bars and remove rugs.

Get Regular Medical Treatment

Seniors with dementia can stay at home with regular medical care and with the proper administering of medication. Some dementia patients have trouble remembering to take their prescriptions. If you are working, then in-home care for seniors in Sun City West, AZ can help administer medications.

Utilize Stimulation

Stimulation can make dementia symptoms manageable and reduce agitation. It must be carried out through activities, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. A senior in the early stages of cognitive decline can benefit from memory exercises.

With the right tools, caregivers can take care of dementia patients for a long time within the home. It also helps to simplify daily tasks like allowing your elderly parent to choose a shirt to wear for the day. However, you must support your parent.

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