How to Find the Right Walking Shoes in St. Petersburg, FL

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Buying running or walking shoes in St. Petersburg, FL is a drawn-out process. For activities that involve a lot of movement, the fit of the shoe is much more important than if you were just looking for a fashion sneaker. It’s important that you can endure long periods in the shoe without feeling uncomfortable.

Here is a quick guide that can help you find shoes that fit in St. Petersburg.

Go To a Specialty Store

While nowadays you can find walking shoes just about anywhere, including online, there is no better place to go than in a store that specializes in walking and running shoes, for a few reasons. They are more likely to have a selection that is extensive, but not overwhelming. Plus, the staff are more likely to be experts in walking shoes, meaning that they can give you better advice on which model is the best fit.

Go Through a Stride Analysis or Fitting Before Buying Shoes

Stride analysis is the best way to get perfectly fitting walking shoes in St. Petersburg, FL. Stride analysis looks at the way you run or walk, how your stride impacts your feet, as well as any imbalances in your muscle tissue that may be affecting the way you walk.

After a stride analysis or fitting, which many shoe stores or places selling sporting goods offer, you will know better which model of walking shoe fits better. Always try them on before purchasing, just in case.

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