How to Keep Your Plumbing Running and Avoid Clogs in Your Drains

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Plumbing & Plumbers

Water needs to empty out of your sinks and tubs effectively for your plumbing system to work properly. Unfortunately, drains can easily become dirty over time and will require cleaning. This can create a situation where water won’t drain out of sinks and tubs in a timely manner.

By taking some of the following preventative measures as well as scheduling drain cleaning services in Stamford, you can more effectively keep your plumbing fixtures in the best possible shape.

Don’t Let Solids Get Down Your Drains

It’s very important to keep solids out of your drains if you don’t want to experience any clogs. You can do this by placing strainers or grates over your drains. These devices allow liquids to go down your drains while keeping solids out.

Schedule Periodic Drain Cleaning Services in Stamford

Regardless of how many precautions you take, you’re inevitably going to be dealing with clogs or residue in your pipes and drains that build up over time. The way to deal with this issue is to have professional drain cleaning services scheduled every once in a while.

You can consult with your plumber to find out how often drain cleaning will be necessary for your household and your plumbing system.

Periodically Pour a Good Amount of Hot Water Down Drains

If you get into the habit of pouring hot water down your drains once in a while, you will probably notice that you experience clogs less frequently. Hot water helps clear residue from drains.

Avoid Putting Problem Items Down Drains

Some liquid substances can cause clogs. In particular, grease and oil are problematic ones to avoid. When grease and oil get down your drains, they can cool and harden within your pipes. This can create clogs that are very difficult to get out of your plumbing.

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