How to Prepare for Window Installation in Washington Township

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Getting new windows is very exciting! New windows can lower energy bills, cause fewer drafts, and increase a home’s value. However, purchasing the windows is only part of the process. What comes next is what homeowners need to prepare for – the window installation in Washington Township.

Before the Day of Installation

Before installation day, homeowners need to do a little prep work to make sure the installation goes off without a hitch. First, it’s critical to clean up inside and outside where the windows are being installed. A clean work area makes the installation go faster and prevents the installers from tripping over clutter.

Homeowners should also cover their furniture and lay down tarps on the flooring around the windows. Window installation isn’t the messiest project, but it does create some dust.

Also make sure that any greenery outside the house is trimmed back. Ground floor window installers take longer to complete the job when there are hedges and other vegetation in the way. Window installation is actually a great motivator to clean up messy landscapes!

The Day of the Window Installation

On installation day, homeowners want to make sure they plan to be home. An adult member of the household should be available at all times to answer questions and approve any changes during the installation.

Keep pets away from the work area. Dogs and cats are naturally curious, which can lead to some hairy interactions between installers and pets. Homeowners want to keep their pets safe from stepping on broken glass or other pieces of hardware lying around, so it’s crucial that pets are kept away from the work area.


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