How to Reduce Consumption of Home Heating Oil in New York

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During the winter, the temperatures drop drastically, and this can make your home uncomfortable to stay in or even cause health problems. Most people usually install air conditioning systems to help control the interior temperatures. Some of these heating appliances use oil as the main source of energy. Oil prices are unpredictable, and you may incur high energy bills at the end of the month. The following tips can help you reduce consumption of Home Heating Oil in New York:

Reduce the space below the door

Most doors usually have a large space left between the lower line of the door and the floor. This space allows high inflow of cold air from the outside. This air brings in more cold air that lowers the interior temperatures. This will require you to run your appliance for long to maintain the right temperatures in your home thereby increasing oil consumption. If you can see light under the door especially in the morning, ensure that you consult a carpenter to help you lower the door to the lowest point possible and minimize entry of the cold air.

Buy a portable heating appliance

At times, you don’t require running the furnace to heat all the rooms in your home. This is especially when all your family members are gathered at the dining room or in the study room as you only need to heat those rooms. Buying a portable heater allows you to turn down the oil furnace leaving the other rooms cooler, and you maintain warm temperatures in the room you are occupying. This will generally lower the consumption of oil that is much more expensive than using an electric heater.

Insulate your home attic

The space between the top part of your home walls and the roofing can act as a conduit for releasing warm air from the interior. This works against your efforts to maintain warm temperatures in your home. Sealing the opening will reduce escape of warm air thereby minimizing the time you need to run your oil furnace.

If you always get high energy bills at the end of the month, consider hiring a heating specialist from Cohler Fuel Oil Inc to advise you further on how to reduce consumption of Home Heating Oil in New York. For more information, visit us

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