How to Stay Clean and Organized in Your Student Apartments in Tuscaloosa

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Part of living on your own in college is keeping your student apartments in Tuscaloosa clean and organized. Regardless of your schedule, there are ways to create a cleaning plan that works for you.

Keep The Clutter at Bay

It is easy for clutter to accumulate when you consider scrap paper, class notes, mail, snack wrappers, and other aspects of daily life. Keep the clutter at bay by discarding trash and recyclables immediately and putting your other items away.

Clean Your Common Areas Daily

Cleaning your common areas daily is essential for both comfortable living and unexpected guests. Wipe down the kitchen counters, dust your coffee table, and dry up excess water in the bathroom.

Clean Other Areas Weekly

Areas that are not seen or often used, such as closets and forgotten corners, should be cleaned at least weekly. This way, you are not allowing your apartment to accumulate dust and other allergens.

A Place For Each Item

Every item should have a place in your apartment, from class notes in your backpack to kitchen utensils in a drawer. Put each item away after use to keep with your organizational system.

Embrace Clever Storage Solutions

You can make the most of your apartment by embracing different storage solutions. Use self-adhesive products to hang hooks and floating shelves on the wall, or use a storage ottoman for extra throw blankets.

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