Important Precautions to Keeping Your Sewer Lines Open and Functioning

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The sewer lines under your home’s basement or foundation can pose one of the biggest headaches to you as a homeowner. If these lines become seriously clogged, you may have no choice but to have them dug up and replaced. The end result can cost you thousands of dollars that your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover.

When you want to make these lines last for as long as possible, it is critical that you take precautions immediately after buying the house. Along with hiring a contractor for regular sewer drain cleaning in Santa Clarita, you should also keep several important tips in mind.

Avoid Using Flushable Wipes

The makers of flushable wipes may guarantee that their products can be flushed down the toilets. In reality, however, these wipes do not dissolve once they enter the sewer lines. They remain intact and pile up in the lines under your home.

After using them for so many months or years, you may notice that your sinks and toilets no longer drain as quickly as they used to. The wipes you have been using have formed a large clog somewhere in the sewer line. The only way to remove it is to hire someone to come snake it out.

When you hire a service for sewer drain cleaning in Santa Clarita, you may be advised to avoid using the wipes again. You may also be encouraged to use water-soluble toilet paper instead.

Regular Drain Cleaning

Another way to keep the lines open is to have the flushed and cleaned on a regular basis. The plumbing company can run commercial grade chemicals down the lines. The chemicals get rid of residue like rust and grime that build up in the lines over time.

If you remember these tips, you’ll find yourself with fewer drain problems. Contact your local plumber to learn more.

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