Infants in the United States Deserve the Best Baby Formula Available

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Of course, breastfeeding is the best choice for both the mother and her baby. But, there are situations that sometimes make breastfeeding impossible. Your baby is precious, and feeding him or her the best formula should be at the top of your list. With that in mind, here is our simple baby formula buying guide to feeding your little one the best.

First and foremost, whatever formula you choose should be organic, and contain all of the vital nutrients needed for healthy development. These include:

DHA/ARA: These are synthetic essential fatty acids that replicate those found in breast milk. DHA and ARA are believed to promote healthy brain and eye development.

Iron: This essential mineral helps to promote healthy red blood cells.

Probiotic/Prebiotic Formulas: Probiotics are friendly gut bacteria that help to digest food and keep bad bacteria at bay. Prebiotics are a type of fiber the healthy bacteria feed on.

Also, powdered baby formulas that you mix with water are not only less expensive, but also contain less BPA; BPA (bisphenol A) is a chemical used in food packaging that can leach into the food. Bisphenol A has been linked to many health issues, including ADHD. Look for brands that are both organic and BPA-free.

While manufacturers have made every attempt to formulate healthy and wholesome infant formulas, nothing can compare to breast milk. However, if you must feed your baby formula, take care to read the labels.

Check out Perrigo Nutrition for their baby formula buying guide.

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