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Construction compliance labor laws protect you, your project, and your workers. Secure the compliance training you need and require prevailing wage oversight and auditing services no matter what your industry. Depend on the labor consulting service with integrity, quality, reliability, and fairness.


Educating awarding agencies and contractors is key to a successful and compliant project. Relying on trustworthy compliance information and training reduces the risk of running afoul of complex and confusing prevailing wage requirements and construction compliance labor laws. Those benefited includes:

  • Owners and managers responsible for understanding their roles and obligations for maintaining compliant projects
  • Those contractors holding the most significant liability for compliance on the project

Click on the link below to see the upcoming training available and to register.

Peace of Mind

You can count on a team of consultants to provide unsurpassed services customized to your needs. Those supplied with project oversight, audits, assessments, and training to:

  • Construction Management & Engineering Firms
  • Awarding Agencies, Developers & Non-Profits
  • Prime Contractors
  • Subcontractors

Knowing your company has a partner in you remaining compliant is reassuring.

Basic Training Topics

Training is customizable to fit your company’s needs and includes such topics as:

  • Introduction to Public Works and Prevailing Wage
  • Training Payments & Fringe Contributions
  • Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Registration
  • And more

Monthly webinars are also provided on many topics.

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For more information about construction compliance labor laws and labor compliance services, visit Alliant Consulting online or call (000) 0000-0000.

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