Lacey WA Homeowners: 3 Common Jobs for Emergency Plumbers

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When the plumbing system of your home breaks down, you may wonder if the situation can wait until the next day or if you should contact emergency plumbers in Lacey, WA, right away. Here are three of the most common jobs that require emergency plumbing services.

Water Leaks

Emergency water leaks go beyond a dripping faucet. These types of plumbing emergencies involve leaks from your hot water heater, washing machine and other household appliances. Leaks not only mean that you cannot use the appliance, but the amount of water that comes out can damage flooring and create the ideal environment for mold and bacteria.

Broken Water Lines and Pipes

When water pipes and lines break or burst, you should consider this a plumbing emergency. A great deal of water can escape lines and pipes quickly, which increases your water use. Your entire plumbing system relies on pipes and lines, so you may not be able to flush toilets, wash dishes or clothes, shower or have drinking water.

Sewer System Clogs

When the plumbing problem involves your sewer and septic system, things can go awry very quickly. Drains and toilets back up, and you end up with sewage coming out of almost every part of your home. Sewer problems can also develop in your yard.

Where to Find Qualified Emergency Plumbers in Lacey, WA

Yelm Plumbing and Pumps provides homeowners and businesses with peace of mind when emergencies arise. We also offer routine plumbing services. Call us today for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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